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A selection of recent projects I've worked on

In my maps I use open data: mostly data from OpenStreetMap volunteers, data opened by government or non-governmental organizations, and data that I have collected myself. To create maps, I use open source software that allows you to freely combine and experiment with tools. This portfolio presents some of the cartographic works that I consider attractive and successful. Now I mostly work on long-term projects, so updates are not frequent but I hope you like my maps.

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Printed Maps

paper and others

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Collaborative projects

The River: Beauty & Hate

Film & Edit: Vadym Sapatrylo
Sound: stonefromthesky
GIS & Cartography: Fedir Gontsa

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Порівняння мереж вулиць українських міст

Petro Nek
Oleksander Kubov
GIS & Cartography: Fedir Gontsa

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Fedir Gontsa
Cartographic Designer, GIS Specialist, Architect

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