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My name is Fedir Gontsa

I am a cartographer and architect based in Cherkasy, Ukraine

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The tools I use

Here’s a list of open-source software and technology that I use on a regular basis as a mapper and creator.
I will be keeping it updated.

Operation System
Ubuntu 18.04 and Android 10
Desktop Cartographic Software
Web Cartographic Platform
Mapbox Studio and Mapbox GL JS, LeafLet JS, OpenLayers, KeplerGL, DeckGL
Programming Languages
Python, PHP, Bash, JavaScript
PostGIS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite
Markup Languages
HTML, CSS, LaTeX, XeLaTeX, AsciiDoc, MarkDown
Design Software
Blender, Inkscape, Gimp, DarkTable, KDEnLive

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Fedir Gontsa
Cartographic Designer, GIS Specialist, Architect

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