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My 30DayMapChallenge 2019

World Map Challenge

QGiS, GRASS GIS, SAGA GIS, GDAL, Python, Blender, Inkscape, GIMP and Ubuntu 18.04.
OpenStreetMap contributors
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It all started with a tweet Topi Tjukanov! Hundreds of people responded and everything turned on this planet;) I was one participant from Ukraine (I think so) so I chose a topic related to the territory of Ukraine. All this was created using open source software and open data created by OpenStreetMap contributors without the use of commercial software.

30 days. Create a new map every day and published it. It was difficult but it was worth it.
Thank you @tjukanov for activating the planet Earth on #30DayMapChallenge 🙂
Thanks to everyone who didn’t give up. Thank you to everyone who joined, even in part.
It’s amazingly beautiful!

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